Race The Runways


Race the Runways ~  Saturday, April 28

A Distance For Everyone

7:45 1 Mile Race Start – 8:30 for the 5k, 10k & the Half  Marathon Start

Kids Fun Run Starts at 8:00 – Half Marathon Walker Early Start @ 8:00

2018 Online Registration  – OPEN 

2018 Theme Fit for Life 


Welcome to the Race The Runways website.  This event is a MidCoast Triathlon Club event.  The 2018 event will be the 8th year of the race. The Half Marathon is unique and challenging.  It is one of only a few races (that we know of) run on an active airport.  While it’s practically flat, it’s the wind that makes it challenging.  Some years its been dead calm and in others, we’ve had gusts over 50 mph.  Over 4.5 miles are run directly on the runways.  Don’t worry about aircraft taking off or landing.  We’re in communication with every plane landing or taking off.  We run on the taxiway – tarmac and  INACTIVE runway right next to the active runway.

The event has benefited Veterans No Boundaries, The Road Runners Club of America – Kids Run the Nation program, the Coastal Humane Society, Brunswick High School Athletics and the Mt Ararat High School Athletics.  The MidCoast Triathlon Club (MTC) is a triathlon club who believes in promoting health in our community.  The MTC welcomes Swimmers, Bikers and Runners of all ages and abilities to join our group training events.  Our goal for the Race The Runways is to hold a quality event for runners and walkers promoting health and fitness in our MidCoast Maine community.  Race proceeds support our community.

The MRRA is a public municipal corporation by State law (not a local unit of government) established by the Maine State Legislature to implement the NASB Reuse Master Plans for both NASB and Topsham’s Annex as they have been set forth by both the Brunswick Local Redevelopment Authority (BLRA) and the Topsham Local Redevelopment Authority (TLRA). The Reuse Master Plans for NASB and the Topsham Annex represent a unique opportunity to establish:

  • A vibrant live, work, learn, and play environment
  • Centers of excellence for technology innovation, environmental sustainability, and “green” community development
  • A variety of corporate, business, academic, recreational, and community services
  • A strong sense of place based on smart growth principles

The Naval Air Station Brunswick, also known as NAS Brunswick, was a military airport located 2 miles (3.2 km) northeast of BrunswickMaine.  The base was home to a number of Navy-operated Maritime patrol aircraft – P3 Orions.

The base was closed in 2011, as per the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure committee decision. As of November 28, 2009, the last aircraft (P-3 Orions) took off, never to return.  After closing, the base is now known as Brunswick Landing.  Base redevelopment officials have reopened the Navy airfield as the Brunswick Executive Airport and a “Green Energy Park” .



Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 8:00am to 4:00pm
Running / Trails & Hiking
Annual Event: