Tough Mountain Challenge

Tough Mountain Challenge - Sunday River, July 29, 2017 

If you want to run 10 miles in the company of 10,000 other people and wait in half-hour lines at obstacles you will find plenty of events where you will do just that. If you want to suffer for hours and risk life and limb, you can find those races, too. But if you're looking for something different - something as fun as it is tough without the ego and the crowds - welcome to the Tough Mountain Challenge! 


Based at Sunday River Resort in Western Maine, the Tough Mountain Challenge is an adventure obstacle race that tackles alpine terrain throws in natural and man-made challenges. It's just four miles in length, but when you're running up a mountain under an arsenal of snowguns or scrambling through the mud it will feel much longer and live up to its name.  The Tough Mountain Challenge is a timed event, but it's not about whether you finish first or last - it's about testing yourself and pushing your limits then celebrating your accomplishments once you've crossed the finish line. 

The Tough Mountain Challenge is limited to fixed number number of competitors in each heat to keep the race from feeling too crowded and ensure everyone has a great time.  For kids we also run a Mini Mountain Challenge.


Tough Mountain Challenge is based at South Ridge Lodge, Sunday RIver, and spectators will be within walking distance of many of the most popular obstacles. The lodge is open all day with seating, restrooms, food, bag storage and other amenities. Parking is plentiful and free. 

In addition to the event, you will find a wide array of activities including chairlift rides, ziplines, hiking and more right at the venue. If you'd like to make it a full weekend we offer lodging, golf, a spa and more. 


Sunday River offers two-full service hotels complete with pools, restaurants, and health clubs, plus a comfortable inn located right at the resort and within minutes of the venue. Lodging is available in the Snow Cap Inn and in the Grand Summit Hotel or Jordan Hotel. Learn more at Sunday RIver Lodging .

Additional event details may be found at Sunday RIver.  

Saturday, July 29, 2017 -
8:00am to 2:00pm
Annual Event: